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Thermally Broken Systems


 Why choose aluminium for energy efficiency?

Aluminium windows come in a wide variety of configurations, customizable to suit your needs with different frame thicknesses and quality. The windows can be anodized within a limited colour range, but are generally ordered with an epoxie powder coated finish, which offers a wider spectrum of colour options to better suit your house's style and finish.Aluminium windows do not rot, jam or warp.They are low maintenance and add value and a quality finish to your building.

Thermally Broken Systems


Double glazing

Windows lose heat through air leakage, radiation, convection and conduction. For a standard single pane of glass these factors will drain your home of warmth and absorb heat in summer. Through the use of double glazing however, the effects of these factors can be greatly reduced, keeping the warmth in on cold winter days and the heat out on your typical Pietermaritzburg summer days. How it is able to do this is through the use of some pretty clever design features. The system contains two panes of glass with a non-conductive spacer separating them and the chamber that is formed between the panes is filled with Argon gas which has a 34% lower thermal conductivity than air. What this all means is that the drastic temperature changes                                                                                          outside will not be mimicked inside your home; this creates a far more stable environment for you and your family to live in.